Guestbook entry

We visited the centre over Christmas 2011 – what a lasting impression the children and staff had upon us.

The school had been without pumped water for 2 months when we visited as they didn’t have the £100 required to buy a new pump. We were on a family holiday with our good friends Dave and Jo, and so donated the money between us to buy a new pump while we were there. It really does make you feel humble when you realise that the £50 we each gave is often much less than we spend on a family meal out. We visited again just 2 days later and the pump was very much doing it’s job with water being pumped to the kitchen tap, a tap for the children and a hose pipe for the garden. It was brilliant.

If you get the chance to visit, please do so. The staff are doing such a fabulous job and the children are just wonderful. So happy; singing, playing and dancing. All of us, our teenage children included, were very moved. We’re now planning a summer “African” party where we’re going to charge our friends for the pleasure of attending and eating Kenyan curries whilst listing to our African dance music!