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Linnea said:

We visited the childrens home in August 2010. We come from Finland, and stayed 4 weeks in Kenya. We were honoured to be able to vistit this lovely place, that people with good will and heart have given so much! We hope all the best for Pastor Daniel and all other workes and mainly for the children and their future. Some day we’ll travel back to Kenya, and visit the Childrens Center again. And hope to see as many smiling faces as we did see this time! All the best!

anita paul says

we also vistited the support centre twice, they are doing a marvellous job, and the children are wonderful, we are helping jackson one of the children from the centre , they need lots of help and support please find it in your hearts to help this good cause..all the staff there make it a lovely place for the children to be..

Marie said:

to all the staff and children, it is nice to see the new build come along so quickly, i visited in may this year and i took lots of food and on my third visit to the centre i had a dinner table made and delivered so now the children don’t hvae to sit on the floor to eat their dinner….i am returning in december and i will hopefully have the funds to supply some playground equipment and what ever is much needed when i get there….if anyone would like to get intouch before i go back over…maybe you too could do some fundraising and help then please get in touch

Ciaran and Lisa Meyers said:

Dear Staff and Children. we have just returned from Diani Beach and a visit to your orphanage which has had a profound effect on us both. Although difficult, life in England is so easy compared to what you deal with on a daily basis. your inspiration to us is indescribable and we will now try and help as best as we can. we will sponsor a child and also would like to send presents at christmas. please advise what you consider suitable. God’s love to you all..Lisa and Ciaran meyers

Nicola Bevan said:

Jambo Diani Childens Support Centre!

I have just returned from Diani Beach and the wonderful visit to your centre. It was a very moving and humbling experience and something that will remain with me for a long time. Having not had an experience like this before, I was a little aprehensive as to what I would see but I was so impressed with what you have all achieved in such a short time and I am blown away with how dedicated you are, especially Pastor Daniel with his dreams and aspirations for these wonderful children.
You are all, as Ciaran and Lisa have said, truly an inspiration, not only to myself and the people who visit you but I know you will be to the many people that are yet to be touched by your organisation.

Having sponsored Stephen Njenga, I hope that in my small way I can make each day a little easier and I plan to do as much as possible whenever I can.

Good luck with the development of the centre and the opening of the classrooms and new dormatory. I look forward to any updates on any progress.

Best wishes and bless you all,
Nicola Bevan

For anyone visiting Diani Beach – take a trip to see the children! It will be one of the highlights of your trip – I promise!!

Le lagadec said:

nous sommes français, nous avons fait connaissance avec le centre au mois d’octobre grace a salim animateur au diani ressort nous avons pris l’engagement de parrainer une petite fille qui s’appelle mariame qui a 4 ans.
nous avons 4 enfants (kevin,nathan,steven,mathis:14/8/6/4ans)
c’est avec beaucoup de bonheur qui nous nous sommes engager
faite comme nous allés rendre visite et vous en sortirez grandit
nelly et franck le lagadec


Jambo Pastor Daniel, Staff & Children

I visited your Centre in November 2010, whilst on holiday in Diani Beach and found it to be a humbling and very worth while experience. Though the circumstances are difficult the children were so happy and the singing was lovely and the centre is doing a fabulous job. I will be sponsoring a child and hopefully be helping in some small way and look forward to returning to Diani and the centre some day.
Well done for the excellent work.

Rudi said:

Vor einem Jahr waren wir im NEW DIANI CHILDREN SUPPORT CENTRE in Ukunda. Unsere damals 13-jährige Tochter hat bei dem Besuch sehr viel gelernt, es war sehr beeindruckend
– und wir konnten helfen !!!!
Im letzten Jahr, nach unserem Besuch hat die Klasse von Olya vom Taschengeld gespendet (das waren etwa 20 Kinder aus 14 Ländern),
in diesem Jahr hat sich das ganze Gymnasium, die Europaschule Hamm in Hamburg für diese Einrichtung entschieden und so sind vor wenigen Tagen 950 EUR von den Kindern der Europaschule in Kenya angekommen

Kerry & Andy Longley said:

Jambo everyone.

We visited the centre over Christmas 2011 – what a lasting impression the children and staff had upon us.

The school had been without pumped water for 2 months when we visited as they didn’t have the £100 required to buy a new pump. We were on a family holiday with our good friends Dave and Jo, and so donated the money between us to buy a new pump while we were there. It really does make you feel humble when you realise that the £50 we each gave is often much less than we spend on a family meal out. We visited again just 2 days later and the pump was very much doing it’s job with water being pumped to the kitchen tap, a tap for the children and a hose pipe for the garden. It was brilliant.

If you get the chance to visit, please do so. The staff are doing such a fabulous job and the children are just wonderful. So happy; singing, playing and dancing. All of us, our teenage children included, were very moved. We’re now planning a summer “African” party where we’re going to charge our friends for the pleasure of attending and eating Kenyan curries whilst listing to our African dance music!

Steve W said:

Hi Kerry and Andy. I’m glad you had such a good time at the Centre! And thank you for your very kind donation. Don’t forget to check this site for news and new photos of the children :)

Olga, Maya & Rudi said:

it’s GREAT
Unser Spendenaufkommen (Gymnasium Hamm Hamburg) durch den sozialen Tag am 19. Januar liegt bisher bei 2300 Euro. Super!!
Die Spenden gehen an das Hilfsprojekt in Ukunda, Kenya. Nähere Informationen auf der Seite Schulleben.
Our donation amount by the social day on the 19th of January lies up to now with 2300 euros. Really!!
The donations go to the auxiliary project to Ukunda, Kenya. Closer information on the side school life.